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Todo List:

  • Setup Simple Image Gallery Pro
    • Need sample gallery
    • How do we want to format
  • Fix missing icons (work with Joe)
    • Android Chrome
      • The high resolution icon is absent
      • There is no icon for Android Chrome
      • The Web App Manifest is absent
    • Mac OS X El Capitan Safari
      • The mask icon for Safari pinned tabs is absent
      • The mask icon has no color
  • Check thumbnail generation and sizing
    • What size should these be?
  • Format K2 Blogs (style with Joe)
  • Format K2 Tags Page (style with Joe)
  • Format Author Page (style with Joe)
  • Set Up Support Module for Joomla Support page, email address and phone number
    • Possibly set up a form - needs testing
  • Document and label code blocks for reference
  • Responsive table code not loading


  • should we default links to open in new windows